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Doors and Corners

The weather may be dismal and chilly, but Seriously Geeky Sundays is hot off the press! I just want to say that I had a lot of fun with this one, and a certain song keeps playing in my head with its accompanying maniacal laughter. You’ll find it right here!

9th  – Moving On

Did you know that May is National Moving month (or that such a thing existed?), nope, neither did I. Moving is a typical plot prompt used in fandoms to start a story, inject new characters or just shake things up a little when they get stale. So this week we’re asking you to think about what happens when characters move in or away in your fandoms.

What was the most recent fandom that started with someone new moving to town?

WandaVision – The show was so much fun, and the premise was such a refreshing, unique take on telling a story within the MCU.  I loved seeing the different costumes, sets, and camera filters (black and white…etc) throughout the episodes.

Tell us about your favourite character who left home to find their fortune.

Nog (Deep Space Nine) – He didn’t find a fortune in the traditional sense of the word, but he embarked on a journey no other Ferengi had done before. He left his family, friends, and home to join Starfleet. He found purpose in uniform and was happy despite the Dominion War and what it did to him.

Sometimes moving to a new place can put a character exactly where they’re supposed to be; who does this make you think of? 

Sansa & Arya (Game of Thrones) – The sisters couldn’t be more opposite. Where Sansa was draped in beauty and grace, longing for a life in the palace as queen, Arya craved action and adventure. They were torn apart after everything unraveled into chaos, forced to survive. Sansa had to play the game while Arya struggled and fought for her next meal. 

There is a scene when the two are reunited and they talk about how they wouldn’t have survived each other’s fate. The line always struck me as being true. I remember how it made me look back and think about their paths.  

Sansa is crowned Queen of the North, as the years have wizened her. Arya sails off into the wild, seeking new worlds.  Their fates couldn’t have been more fitting.

Not all new neighbours are benign, sometimes the devil comes to town (literally). Who was the most interesting villain to come to town?

There is no way I am not mentioning Agatha Harkness! Her snark, her laugh–I mean, how can you not enjoy a villain who comes up with their own, cheesy intro? And by cheesy, I mean awesome.

Not everyone sticks around; no fandom would be complete without the wandering passerby. Which one stuck in your mind?

Miller (The Expanse) – Doors and Corners, Kid. The private detective is hired to find a billionaire’s prodigal daughter. He follows clue after clue as a bigger mystery starts to unravel, and I can think of no better character to represent the wandering passerby than him. He’s got the dry wit, the hat (yes, the hat!), and appears at will (especially in the later seasons). 

Which character shook things up just a bit too much and made a complete mess of things?

I am going to catch a lot of flack for this, but I have to go with Lyta from Babylon 5. She was fine in the Pilot episode, but after that, she grated my every last nerve. She creates nothing but division, pain, and suffering in her wake. Lyta kills and abuses her powers without a second thought (she destroys an entire planet and commits genocide in the process. Just because the planet was full of villains doesn’t make it any less of a tragedy). She constantly carries a mind-numbing, nauseating self-righteous-always-the-victim attitude. Lyta should not be considered one of the ‘good guys.’ 

She is irredeemable in my eyes. I’ll go so far to say that she is one of my most hated characters.

Babylon 5 - Season 1 Cast
Babylon 5 – Season 1 Cast, guess who is conveniently not present, ha ha ha!

And on that unpopular opinion note, Have a great Sunday! *Laughs maniacally*

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