Seriously Secret Santa

Today’s post is part of a Seriously Geeky Sundays secret Santa prompt exchange where we came up with 6 questions tailored to the person we got. Here are the questions I received; let’s dive right in!

1. Which fictional character’s wardrobe are you raiding for the Christmas party (just pretend we can have parties this year, haha!)?

It will always be the fabulous Helen Smith from The Man in the High Castle…in normal years, that is! I have been slowly adapting my wardrobe to be similar to hers since 2016. I would wear this beautiful red dress from Season 1. It is the perfect Christmas party dress!

2. Spending Christmas away from home can be fun, but what about really far away? Pick a fictional location in outer space (a planet, space ship, space station etc) to spend Christmas Day.

Deep Space Nine.

Just think of all the shenanigans I’d get up to with Dax, Kira, Quark, and Bashir! And of course Weyoun and Dukat would crash the party. Weyoun would be fascinated by the Christmas treats and gifts, and I can see Sisko dressing as Santa to give everyone presents (he would make an awesome Santa Claus). Dukat would pull some crazy stunt, forcing everyone into a hilarious adventure in order to restore things back to normal. 

3. Sometimes it is nice to put your feet up and not worry about cooking. But which fictional character would you choose to cook Christmas dinner for you and would you invite them to your dinner after they have cooked it?

Captain Sisko and Helen Smith would be my cooking duo. They are happy to be invited to my Deep Space Nine Holiday Special. After Sisko prepares his dishes, he sneaks away to change into his Santa costume as Helen covers for him. She is in on the surprise and heads to the Christmas bar to grab a glass of sparkling cider from Quark. He tries to charge her for it, but Dax slaps him on the head. Helen smiles and takes her drink.

4. Are there any Christmas films you watch every year and do you have a favourite?

I’m afraid there aren’t any I watch every year as an adult. When I was a kid, it was Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer. I looked forward to visiting my dad every December and sitting in front of the TV to watch it year after year. 

5. You’ve been bombarded with invites to New Year’s Eve parties by lots of different alien races. Which alien race will you choose to spend New Year’s with?

The Vorta (and Jem’Hadar) — The Founders instruct the Vorta to learn more about the Federation and its holidays, so they decide to throw an NYE bash, but they need my help. They have no idea how to plan it or what to do. 

I invite them to Deep Space Nine, and laugh as their large, lavender eyes widen in that unique curiosity only the Vorta display. They tilt their heads as I show them the party decorations.

“It’s so shiny,” Weyoun says as he picks up a streamer. Keeven lifts up a glittery Happy New Year crown and promptly puts it on. He smirks. 

6. You’ve been commissioned to design a set of Christmas cards for a fandom. Which fandom do you hope has commissioned you and what design ideas do you have?

The Man in the High Castle (to be commissioned something for them is one of my DREAMS). I made some cards set in their world:

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