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A collection of my High Castle projects that don’t fall under fan art.

Saving the world with High Castle and Field Team 6

Tuesday I had the awesome pleasure of joining the Axis of Good (Joel de la Fuente, Rufus Sewell, Chelah Horsdal, Stephen Root, Jason O’Mara, Frances Turner, Michael Gaston, Sebastian Roché, and Isa Hacket) with Field Team 6 for an evening of textbanking. 

Let me tell you about the absolute blast I had! I didn’t know what to expect–was I nervous going in? You bet I was! I am probably the shyest person you’ll ever meet…until you get to know me, that is! 

The week started off with absolute chaos, as 2020 weeks often do. I spent that day doing a bunch of house projects which involved a lot of nit and grit. I scrambled to get my laptop ready in time without bothering to fix my hair and without any attempt at looking presentable. Normally fans are muted and shuffled to the back of these things.

Well….I clicked the link and HELLO WORLD! Hello Joel in particular because I know you saw me fumbling around and flustered! 😉 

After a minute or so, I managed to turn my camera off (like I said, I am SHY, plus I was also grimy from house projects). 

The event officially started when the rest of the High Castle participants logged on. I cannot express what a joy it was seeing them happy, relaxed, and catching up with each other as we all stumbled our way through the textbanking system those first few moments.

As we began the textbank, I felt at ease because we were all just hanging out and enjoying the company as we did our task. We chatted with them via Zoom’s chat feature, and they responded, read our chats, and laughed away.

I had so much fun that I volunteered for two Field Team 6 text banks next week, and an official Biden/Harris textbank!

Saving the world with High Castle and Field Team 6

Some highlights of the evening:

  • Sebastian letting his dog out (or in…I can’t remember!)
  • Isa showed everyone a prop she had held onto–a picture frame with a photo of the Smiths at the lake. <3
  • Rufus laughed about all the STOPs he kept getting (requests to unsubscribed) and was worried about accidentally unsubscribing an actual reply because of all the button mashing (lol)
  • Sebastian had a hilarious conversation with someone involving playing a scientist on TV (don’t ask, ha ha!)
  • Francis reading some of her replies (oh my goodness, I thought I was going to fall out of my chair!)
  • Jason muting himself and Rufus laughing at him
  • Someone commenting on how they would always switch Rufus’s and Rupert’s names on their chairs (I can’t remember who mentioned this, but I thought it was hilarious they did this on set!)
  • Seeing the Resistance Rises posters in the background of Joel’s and Isa’s home offices
  • Chelah telling us about Canadian political parties
  • Hearing all the mouse clicking as everyone button mashed, ha ha!