SGS: Back to Hogwarts, I Mean School!

I missed last week’s Seriously Geeky Sunday because I was down in the dumps about 2020 and turning 40, but thanks to my friends on FB and Twitter, you guys made the day special, and I am touched by the outpouring of love and kindness you guys showed me! I truly was happy on my birthday. Thank you.

I’m officially over the hill and also a queen 😉

Back to School season is here, and binder queen is thrilled at all the organization supplies at the Dollar Tree!  And…. It’s time for another Seriously Geeky Sunday brought to you by the creative Heather at!

6th September – Back to School

Every hero and villain needs to learn the tricks of the trade somewhere, right? That means going to school, learning from a mentor or joining a secret society. This week you’re heading back to school; fandom style!

Which fictional school is your first choice to study at and which is your absolute last?

Despite my dislike of a certain author who shall rename nameless, my favorite fictional school has always been Hogwarts. I love the uniforms, the flying broomsticks, the sorting and the camaraderie shared with your house–and just about everything about it! I mean think of the fun adventures the trio had!

In case you are wondering, I am forever a Slytherin. 


As much as I love Netflix’s Umbrella Academy, I have to go with that one as my last choice because of the harsh way their father forced lessons on them, and the way he isolated Vanya from the rest of the family. 

Next; choose a fictional uniform to wear to your new school (i.e. what’s your favourite?)!

Nothing beats the Psi Cop uniform from Babylon 5! It’s sleek and evokes power. I suppose this comes as no surprise to anyone considering how many times I’ve drawn characters from other shows as Psi Cops. 

Psi Cop men & women’s uniforms
What fictional subject/s are you studying?
  • Advanced Telepathy: deep scanning and self defense
  • Introduction to flying and broomsticks
  • Introduction to household spells
  • Wand Care 101
  • Starfury pilot course: basics of flight
What is your favourite fandom set in a teaching setting?

This is a tough one because there are so many I’ve enjoyed throughout the years. 

First up is A Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes because I’m already thinking about giving it a 3rd read. 

Runner up is A Game of Thrones when Jon Snow joins the Night’s Watch and has to train with the rest of the new recruits. Those scenes rank among my favorites in the series. They were fun and gave so much more depth to the character.  

Which fictional teacher is your favourite, which is the most useless and who do you find the most inspiring?

I can’t think of any favorites or inspirational because I am a cynical brat who sees them as humans with flaws ;). However, I can think of a multitude of useless ones, but one fictional teacher in particular takes the cake on uselessness. Can I get a drum roll please?

Severus Snape from Harry Potter. He’s a verbally abusive bully who should not be anywhere near anything involving students. His emotions and grudges from his childhood get in the way. 

Severus Snape

The runner up goes to Dumbledore. What’s that gasp of shock, I hear? He was a manipulative old bastard who played favorites and relished in his delusions of self importance and godhood. Take a few moments to look back and think about it. You’ll see! I mean, he manipulated Harry for seven long years into doing his bidding to the point where Harry basically worshiped him like a blind fanatic…Not to mention that he let Snape abuse his students year after year (Snape should have been fired long ago!). 

School’s just started; who’s in your school gang? Who’s the bully, the jock, the cheerleaders, popular kids, nerds etc.

Bully: Chief Inspector Kido
Jock: Garibaldi
Cheerleaders: Starlight, Jadzia Dax, and Troi
Popular Kids: Smith, Homelander, and Delenn
Nerds: Spock, Lenier, and Hermione


  1. Heather says:

    Umbrella Academy is such a good call for an example of a bad school! I had completely forgotten about it. Agree with you on all your points about HP and the characters mentioned. Dumbledore is a complex character, he’s the epitome of grey in my opinion. He did a bunch of good stuff but so manipulative that when I think of it all, it makes me sick. More so that so many people are completely blind to it and he’s painted as hero in a childrens book. That is so worrying.

  2. Pix1001 says:

    There is so much Babylon 5 here, I love it!! I have to say though that I’d definitely be running in the other direction if I saw anyone wearing the psi corps uniform – they are so scary!

    1. mlc says:

      He he, welcome to my corner of High Castle and Babylon 5! I know that I am rare in the fact that if I saw Bester, I’d be like I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE, lol!

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