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It’s cosplay everyday here in Club High Castle

Cosplay is very near and dear to my heart. You should see the left half of my closet! Hanging there is an assortment of medieval dresses, Star Trek uniforms, and other odes to my favorite fandoms that I’ve collected over the years. The oldest thing I have in there is probably from the 90s. 

23rd August – Cosplay

It’s international Cosplay Day this weekend and we’re joining in the celebrations by chatting about all things cosplay!

Have you cosplayed before? If yes, which character was your favourite? If no, which character would you like to cosplay as?

You have no idea, Grasshopper 😉 You just opened an entire world about me.

I was the QUEEN of cosplay in the early 2000s, and I loved every last second of it. As for my favorite character, that one is a tough one because every time I put on a costume, I’m having the time of my life, ha ha! 

With that being said, I’ll have to go with my Jedi robes.

Back in 2002, a group of coworkers/friends and I decided to go as Jedi and Sith for Halloween. We had our costumes tailor made with professional materials, and when Halloween rolled by, the head Sith and his wife hosted a party where we went full on nerd with light saber battles! 

What does cosplay mean to you?
The 80s never grew out of style


Halloween has always been my favorite holiday (any time I get to cosplay is my favorite day if I’m being honest). I love getting into costume, fixing my hair and makeup, and taking on the persona of something else. This is something I know I will never grow out of. Life is too short to not enjoy yourself to the absolute fullest!

Do you have a favourite cosplayer?

I don’t follow any professional cosplayers, so I don’t have an answer for this. However, when I see someone rocking a costume, I always give them a compliment because I *know* how much fun they are having and what it means to them. 

What is the most unique cosplay you have ever seen?

Let’s jump back to 2002, the year of the Jedi Crew. I was stationed in Turkey at the time, and in addition to the party my coworker and his wife threw, there was a base-wide party at the consolidated club (they didn’t have a separate enlisted/officer’s club there). Of course, the Jedi Crew went. How could we not? This backstory is important because wasn’t always easy getting certain things from the States. We had our costumes made at one of the local Turkish tailors we were friends with.

I will never forget the elaborate Mecha robot costume I spotted at the club. It was fantastic and well made. If someone was going to win the costume contest, I wanted it to be him. I talked to the guy, and he said it took months to make. I was shocked to learn that he had fashioned it out of cardboard boxes and duct tape–his paint job and attention to detail was so excellent, that I would have never guessed it was just cardboard.

If I recall correctly, he got 2nd or 3rd place. 1st place was given to a bunch of guys dressed as Roman soldiers, complete with head gear and shields.

Have you ever done a casual cosplay (aka everyday cosplay) or  Disney bounding?
Wearing my Loki vest

Story of my life, ha ha!

Before covid, this was almost every day for me because I dress in my own, unique mix of modern and vintage. Disney bounding falls right into that. I was going to go to Disneyland for my 40th birthday next month and had planned an assortment of Disney bounding outfits, but covid had other plans, and to say that I am torn up/heart broken over this is an understatement. 

Pick a group of characters from a fandom and tell us who they would cosplay as!

The Man in the High Castle

  • Joe & Juliana – Bonnie and Clyde
  • Frank – Indiana Jones
  • Ed – A French chef
  • Billy Turner – Dracula
  • Thomas – a Jedi Knight

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