High Castle, You are Winners in my Book!

Hello everyone,

This post is long overdue. To say that I am disappointed about the Emmy nominations announcement on July 28th is an understatement. I’m going to sound like a bitter old bat of a fan, but I sincerely feel like everyone involved with Amazon’s The Man in the High Castle deserved a well earned nomination. Sometimes I wonder if High Castle is the red-headed stepchild in the eyes of the powers that be–Take the opinion of a die-hard High Castle fan with a grain of salt, for I am heavily biased in this matter 😉

It’s such an original concept; nothing like it has ever been done before. So much creativity and hard work was put into creating such a unique world. It felt real at times. 

I could go on, but I’ll stop myself; there’s no point in dragging this out. 2020 has enough negativity as it is. 

To the cast, crew, and everyone who was a part of Amazon’s The Man in the High Castle: you are all winners in my book.

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