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This week was so much fun (don’t I say that about every week?). There is a lot of High Castle in this one! 

2nd August – Supporting Roles

Up until now we’ve talked about all sorts of characters and this week we’re giving some love to the supporting roles in fandoms, the minor characters, the NPCs and the sidekicks. The smaller parts that are necessary for the whole thing to work.

Who is your favourite sidekick?

This is a tough one. As I close my eyes and make a mental note of all my favorite superheroes, I find that most of the time, their sidekicks are regulated to annoying catch phrases or stupidity. After much thought (and sifting through a bunch irritating characters), I remembered The Witcher!

Jaskier, the traveling bard who follows Geralt around. He is hilarious without annoying me (trust me when I say, that in itself, is no small feat!). And need I say more:

Who is your favourite minor character or NPC (non-played character)?
  • Erich Raeder from The Man in the High Castle.
  • Rue from the Hunger Games
  • Alfred Bester from Babylon 5
  • Weyoun from Star Trek: DS9
  • Yoshida from The Man in the High Castle

Why I find Erich Raeder so interesting

He was loyal to Smith without question. He was one of the few people that Smith actually cared about, which shows how important he was. He risked his life (while suffering from multiple gunshot wounds) to give Smith his gun, which ended up saving Smith’s life. 

I’ll never forget the scene when Smith says in his low, husky voice, “There’s something I need you to do for me” in Season 2. He was entrusted to plan and stage Thomas Smith’s kidnapping so that Smith’s son could live out the rest of his life somewhere else. 

Raeder and Smith just before they are ambushed in Season 2

I was CRUSHED when he died in Season 3. I wanted to see more of his backstory. How did he grow to be so loyal to Smith? 

Which minor character do you wish had more ‘screen’ time?

Every character I listed in the previous question, but I’ll name another one that I’d like to have seen more of.

Major Klemm from The Man in the High Castle

He was Erich’s temporary replacement in Season 1 while Erich was in the hospital. I wanted to see more of him. I was hoping we’d get to see him in Season 3 spying on Rockwell under Smith’s bidding (or assassinating him in NYC in a suspenseful side plot…This sounds like a good idea for a fan fic!).

Smith (left) and Klemm (right) after the ambush in Season 2
What is your favourite scene with a minor character?

The scene in High Castle Season 4 when Chief Inspector Kido had a beer with his son while watching a baseball game. It was great to see that side of the stoic Kido, but the focus here is minor characters, so I’ll talk about his son. The poor man was obviously suffering from a mixture PTSD and guilt. I truly loved that bonding moment with his father. 

Kido with his son enjoying a beer and ball game.
What has been your favourite cameo role?

It will always be the time when Tom Hiddleston appeared as Loki at SDCC 2013.


Loki surprising the crowd with an appearance at SDCC 2013
If you could have someone play a cameo role in anything what would it be?

Rufus Sewell being a guest on FOXHOLE COMPANION@FOXHOLECOMPANI1 He is a riot and would fit right in!

Daniel Stewart and Simon Rance
The podcast that brings you the chronological history of WWII through the medium of film!

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