Welcome to the new and improved Club High Castle! I’ve updated to look and feel of the place, so come right in! All are welcome.

Club High Castle focuses on all things #HighCastle and dips a little bit into my own art and fiction. One of my hopes and goals for 2020 is to get back into writing.

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  • SGS: Summer!

    SGS: Summer!

    Summer has always been my favorite season! I love the warm weather, the sunshine, and of course, beaches. It’s not like I paint them or anything 😉 July 12th – Summer Time It’s summertime in the western hemisphere so this week we’re thinking about the warmer time of year and tropical climates. What is your […]

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  • SGS: What’s Your Cup of Coffee?

    SGS: What’s Your Cup of Coffee?

    Today’s prompt was a labyrinth of discovering scenes I enjoy in a genre that is …
  • SGS: The World of Tomorrow!

    SGS: The World of Tomorrow!

    It’s time for another Seriously Geeky Sunday brought to you by the creative Heather at …
  • A Trip Down 90s Lane

    A Trip Down 90s Lane

    I’d like to thank Heather of Just Geeking By and The Bizzaro Mage of Winst0lf …
  • SGS: Fictional Fathers

    SGS: Fictional Fathers

    Today is Father’s Day in the US. This is your reminder to call your dads …
  • SGS: Captains

    SGS: Captains

    Be Kind & Code There’s still a few days left to get your awesome t-shirt! …

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